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uTrader Review

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C$ 200,00

Minimum Deposit$200

uTrader: Is this the Binary Options platform South African traders should Trust?

Binary Trading is one of the fastest growing ways to earn money online. The term binary refers to how you can just choose between two options, and if you choose the right one you make money. If you think the value of the Japanese yen will go up and it does, then you gain a profit off the deal. But if it goes down instead, you lose your investment.


Unfortunately the choices aren’t as simple when it comes to picking a binary options platform to deal with, because there’s so many of them to choose from. This is especially true for investors in South Africa who often have to deal with companies based abroad. However, we can simplify this particular question into binary form: Should you invest your money with uTrader? Yes or no? On the face of it, there are several good reasons why you might say yes:

uTrader has Plenty of Assets

When you’re a trader and investor, it really helps if the assets offered by the trading binary trading website matches the ones you follow and are interested in. It gives you a greater chance of getting the right call. So having more assets increases the chance that your specialties will be included. At the same time, you also have more assets to choose from should you choose to follow a new asset.

Here, you have:

  • 28 currency pairs, including the exchange rate between the US dollar and the South African rand.
  • 8 commodities, such as platinum and gold.
  • 37 indices, such as the S&P 500, DOW, and NASDAQ.
  • 83 stocks, including Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, and Volkswagen.

So whether your knowledge and experience pertains to Forex, commodities, stocks, or indices, you have plenty of assets to use.

Lots of Money Making Chances

First of all, you immediately get “bonus” money whenever deposit money to your account. This “Welcome Bonus” is a percentage that will depend on the amount you deposit. Thus, for $300 to $1,000 the bonus is 50% of your deposit. If you have a VIP account, this increases to 150%.

How normally you can earn up to 85% of your investment for a trade when you make the right “put” or “call” option. However, you can increase your profits by using the “Double Up” feature, which enables you to invest in the same asset again. So if you think you’re right in your call, then doubling up can double your profits.

Sometimes, you may seem wrong at first by the initial expiry time, but you may be right at a later time. If that’s what you think, then you can take advantage of the “Rollover” feature. This lets you increase your investment by 30% to delay the expiry time, but if you turn up eventually in the money then you get a 30% higher return. This option enables you to transform a possible loss into profit.

Then there’s also the “one touch” options, and this lets you earn up to 650% profit if you get the call right.

Finally, if you enjoyed good fortune when trading with uTrader, then you can boost your monthly income with the site’s affiliate program. This way, you can recommend the site to your friends and at the same time earn money doing so. You’ll earn a fixed amount per new customer you manage to convince to join, and also at least 30% of the revenue share for the whole time the new customer trades with uTrader.

Educational Materials

You really should do your own research first before you commit to any binary options website. However, uTrader does have several educational resources for you to use should you start an account with them. The educational resources you can access depends on the type of account you have, so the bigger your deposit the more resources you can enjoy. These resources include:

  • News of the Day
  • An education video on trading psychology
  • An ebook on how to trade on binary options
  • Learning to trade “turbo” options
  • Trading with one of Trader’s 20 analysts, creating a week trade plan, and even trading analysis with the analyst.
  • A built-in trading adviser in your platform
  • Trading signals

You also can enjoy 24/7 client support, so if you have any questions you’ll get your answers quickly.

uTrader Account Types

uTrader broker review revealed how traders in South Africa can choose between 5 account types,where each account is consisted of different trading instruments and features.

uTrader Start Account

  • Deposit $200 – $1000
  • Edu and analytics materials
  • Platform introduction
  • Standard withdrawal rules

uTrader Silver Account

  • Deposit $1001 – $5000
  • Edu and analytics materials
  • Platform introduction
  • Standard withdrawal rules
  • Education for 2 strategies

uTrader Gold Account

  • Deposit $5001 – $25000
  • Edu and analytics materials
  • Platform introduction
  • Accelerated withdrawal rules
  • Education for 4 strategies
  • Individual sessions with a trading expert – 30 min/once a week

uTrader Platinum Account

  • Deposit $2500 – $50000
  • Edu and analytics materials
  • Platform introduction
  • Withdrawals – highest priority
  • Education for 4 strategies
  • Individual sessions with a trading expert – 2 hr/ min. once a week
  • Developing a personal binary trading strategy
  • Quarterly trading plan

uTrader VIP Account

  • Deposit from $50001
  • Edu and analytics materials
  • Platform introduction
  • Withdrawals – highest priority
  • Education for 4 strategies
  • Unlimited individual sessions with a trading expert – upon request
  • Developing a personal binary trading strategy
  • Quarterly / annual trading plan
  • Real time trading
  • VIP hedging trading tools

Ease of Use

This is a no-fuss site and it’s not all that difficult to make your trades. There aren’t any spreads and there aren’t any transaction fees either. Unlike other sites, the withdrawal process is quite quick with the use of your bank, your credit card, and e-wallet.

uTrader platform

What’s more, you can download an app for either your Android or your iOS device. This lets you do trades from anywhere, so you’re not tied down to your desktop PC.


This is a crucial factor to consider, and at least the uTrader site uses HTTPS encryption to protect your information from hackers. It has the certificate from trusted organizations to prove its identity to browsers like Chrome.

On the other hand, uTrader is not licensed to act as a trading platform for US traders. It is not licensed by CySEC either.


So what’s the answer to the original question? Should you invest your money here with uTrader? Of course, only you can really give the right answer to that.

It’s obviously not a perfect website. First of all, it’s not licensed by US regulators and by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

In addition, there’s no demo account. This is a way to practice with non-real money to see how you can use the site’s trading platform. This means that you’ll learn while you risk your own real money, so you may want to start slow.

On the other hand, it does have lots of assets to use and there are several investment features you can take advantage of to make your profits. When that’s your top priority, then this platform provides you with the opportunities you want without too much of a hassle.

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C$ 200,00

C$ 200,00