Forex Trading Course

Reversals Patterns

Lesson 10.4 – Reversal Patterns

A reversal pattern is just that, a pattern on the price chart or a currency pair that would indicate an interruption in the overall...
Understanding Breakouts

Lesson 10.5 – Breakouts

Breakouts to a technical trader mean exceptional trading opportunities, primarily because it signals that the exchange rate has broken out of its normal trading...
Understanding Support Resistance

Lesson 10.6 – Support and Resistance

Determining the levels of support and resistance for a currency pair is one of the key concepts of modern forex technical analysis. This type of...
Understanding continuation patterns

Lesson 10.7 – Continuation Patterns

The most common continuation patterns used in Forex technical analysis consist of flags, pennants and gaps. These classic continuation chart patterns generally indicate or...
Understanding Moving averages

Lesson 10.8 – Moving Averages

Moving averages are computed by taking an average of the exchange rate for a particular period of time and then allowing it to evolve...

Lesson 10.9 – Candlestick Charts

Candlestick charts were invented by a highly successful Japanese rice trader in the late 1700’s. They have been used widely in technical analysis since...
What is Forex Trading?

Lesson 1: What is Forex Trading?

So, what is Forex trading? Well it is quite simple. It means exchanging one currency for another. That’s it! The Forex market is the largest...
Advantages of Trading Forex

Lesson 2: Advantages of Trading Forex

You Don’t need a Million Rand to Start Forex Trading Unlike share trading where you need a decent amount of money to invest, Forex trading...
Forex Market Hours and Best Times to Trade Forex

Lesson 3: Forex Market Hours and Best Times to Trade Forex

So, we have learnt that you can trade Forex anytime time of the day or night during the week. There are times when liquidity...
Trading Styles

Lesson 4: Types of Trading Styles

Like with ice cream, everyone has their favorite. The same goes for traders, everyone has their own preferred trading style. Some traders may open...