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Elliott Wave Theory

Lesson 11 – Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Theory was originally developed by Ralph N. Elliott to analyze the stock market which he believed moved in repetitive cycles rather than...
When to Enter the Forex Market

Lesson 12 – When to Enter the Forex Market

Market Entering and Direction Perhaps one of the most important lessons in trading involves knowing when to get into the market and initiate a trade. Along...
Money Management

Lesson 13 – Forex Money Management

One of the most important components of a successful trading plan consists of a comprehensive money management structure. Money and risk management make up...
Spreads and Pips

Lesson 7 – Spreads and Pips

In order to make money in the forex market, a good working knowledge of the quotation conventions is imperative, as well as a strong...
Trading Lots

Lesson 8 – Trading Lots

An important difference between the stock and commodity markets versus the forex market involves the manner in which trades are sized. Instead of shares of...
Key Fundamental factors and fundamental analysis.

Lesson 9 Fundamental Analysis

The analysis of financial markets consists of two main schools of thought: fundamental and technical analysis. Although some technical analysis buffs tend to dismiss fundamentals...
Key Technical Factors

Lesson 10 – Key Technical Factors

Technical Analysis Technical analysis does not take into account any of the aforementioned fundamental factors, but instead relies solely on technical data obtained and computed...
Chart Types

Lesson 10.1 – Chart Types

Technical analysts use a variety of price chart types to analyze the action of currency exchange rates. They typically use these charts to look...
Interpreting Charts

Lesson 10.2 – Interpreting Charts

When interpreting price charts, technical analysts typically use a variety of well established techniques. These might include drawing trend lines or channels to identify...
Understanding Trends

Lesson 10.3 – Trends

To a trader, correctly identifying trends in the market would be considered the ultimate edge in trading since following trends represents one of the...